Gramofon Pioneer PL-115D. Vintage HiFi. Po pełnym serwisie.

    Pioneer PL-115D turntable. Vintage HiFi. After full service.

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    Pioneer PL-115D turntable, after full service. Speed sensing auto return mechanism. The PL-115D uses a speed-sensing auto-return mechanism that ensures precise operation while smoothly returning the arm to its resting position. This mechanism works perfectly even when playing distorted discs.

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    Pioneer PL-115D

    Auto-return turntable with precision 4-pole synchronous motor.

    The Pioneer PL-115D is a precision turntable for audiophiles looking for key automatic features along with exceptional sound quality when playing records. Rugged, quiet and built with Pioneer-typical durability, the PL-115D features a speed-sensing auto-return mechanism that returns the tonearm to a smooth position even with a warped record, a sensitive S-shaped tubular tonearm with anti-slip function, a floating housing constructed without resonance. There are also many other functions. The belt drive used in the PL-115D uses a 4-pole synchronous motor - quiet, vibration-free - and provides a wow and flutter of 0.07% (WRMS) and a signal-to-noise ratio of 50 dB.

    Highly sensitive S-shaped tubular arm with anti-slip device.

    The angular contact bearing is adopted in the ball bearing pivot point of the arm, which ensures that the precision arm and its easy-to-operate anti-skid device can faithfully follow the grooves of the record during playback, both vertically and horizontally, with uniform illumination of the stylus pressure cartridges. The turntable also features a direct reading stylus counterbalance for weight adjustment and easy cartridge replacement.

    The PL-115D's enclosure is strong, silent, and typical of the kind of fine craftsmanship that has earned Pioneer's impeccable reputation for quality. The solid surface panel is characterized by such excellent properties as optimal internal loss, indestructible strength and high density. Completely free of resonances, this material is one of the most ideal for building acoustic enclosures. The turntable platter and tonearm are attached to the PL-115D chassis, suspended by springs on the front plate. The motor is attached to the surface panel with a rubber cushion. This was followed by further enhancements that contribute to exceptional tonal quality and accurate reproduction of recordings, such as butyl rubber and natural rubber isolators to prevent vibrations being transmitted from the listening room floors.

    Belt drive system with 4-pole synchronous motor.

    A precise 4-pole synchronous motor, free from fluctuations in mains voltage and load, drives the turntable platter with a strong, polished polyurethane belt, and the combination of these features ensures flawless reproduction of records. The slightest of engine vibrations are absorbed, making the PL-115D's performance specifications first-class; wow and flutter of 0.07% (WRMS) and signal-to-noise ratio of 50 dB.

    Other important features

    The inside of the bottom panel is lined with aluminum foil to prevent S/N deterioration caused by motor and transformer inductive noise.

    The PL-115D uses a lightweight, strong aluminum plug-in headshell.

    A low stray capacitance phono cable is standard equipment.

    The side balancer increases the horizontal and vertical sensitivity of the arm.

    The removable acrylic dust cover is hinged for easy lifting and lowering.

    There is a convenient head stand on the surface panel.


    Motor and turntable

    Motor: 4-pole synchronous motor

    Drive system: belt drive

    Speeds: 33-1/3 and 45 rpm

    Wow and Flutter: no more than 0.07% (WRMS)

    Signal-to-noise ratio: more than 50 dB

    Turntable platter: aluminum alloy die-casting

    Diameter: 300 mm (12 in)


    Type: S-type tubular arm with static balance

    Effective arm length: 221 mm (8-11/16")

    Overhang: 15.5mm (5/8")

    Usable cartridge weight: from 4 g to 10 g

    Additional features:

    Auto arm return system;

    anti-slip device;

    plug-in headshell;

    Viscosity damping pointing device;

    Freely adjustable hinges;

    Side balancer.

    Power requirements: 120 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz

    Power consumption: 10 watts

    Dimensions (W x H x D): 440 x 159 x 362 mm (17-5/16" x 6-1/4" x 14-1/4")

    Weight: 6 kg (17 lb 10 oz) net

    Pioneer PL-115D turntable

    Turntable service

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    Pioneer PL-115D

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