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Yamaha K-560 Vintage Stereo Cassette Recorder

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The Yamaha K-560 is a stereo cassette recorder with Dolby B noise reduction. It was first sold by Yamaha in 1980.


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The main features of the Yamaha K-560 are: 2 heads, mechanical 3-digit tape counter, manual selection of tape type and the ability to handle normal, chrome and metal tapes, transport with one capstan.

A typical front-loading cassette recorder with the cassette compartment located on the left side of the cassette deck. The tape is ejected mechanically and the cassette must be placed directly above the head. Additionally, the heads are easily accessible for cleaning.

The level meters used on the K-560 are analog VU needle readout meters with a peak indicator allowing you to easily adjust the optimal recording level. Soft-touch controls enable quick and easy selection of the K-560's transport function.

The Dolby-B system reduces tape noise on tapes recorded on the K-560 by as much as 10 dB at the highest frequencies.

For live recording, this deck has 2 microphone inputs for connecting jack microphones. To ensure uninterrupted listening, the set includes a jack connector for connecting a pair of stereo headphones.

The main belts in the tape recorder and the capacitors in the power supply board were replaced. The front is in perfect condition, one 2mm blemish. No scratches on the glass. The casing was painted with structural paint giving an original vintage effect. Potentiometers, deflectors and all switches work properly. It has been cleared. The photos are unretouched and have no flaws.

Manufacturer: Yamaha

Model: K-550 (USA) / K-560 (rest of the world)

Type: cassette recorder

Years of production: 1980 - 1981

Made in Japan

Colors: silver, black

Remote control: optional via cable (RS-10)

Power consumption: 23 watts

Dimensions: 435 x 112 x 294 mm (W x H x D)

Weight: 5.5 kg

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