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Gramofon Vintage Pioneer PL 12D

Pioneer PL12D turntable. Vintage HiFi. After full service.

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Vintage Pioneer PL 12D turntable with 2-speed belt drive (1972-1976)

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The Pioneer PL-12D turntable was a fixture in homes in the 1970s. It was basic at the time, offering a speed function with a basic auto stop. When connected to the system, the sound representation was above average. The belt transmission system distinguishes the Pioneer PL-12D turntable from others from the early 70s. By using this method instead of idlers, which have always been a bit prone to problems, the brand has been able to remove engine vibrations from the dynamics of playback.

The belt drive also improved the signal-to-noise ratio because it could reduce the rumble generation found in many entry-level turntables of the time. Pioneer made the drivetrain belt out of polyurethane. Thanks to this, it ages with extraordinary grace, while remaining resistant to potential temperature changes.

The Pioneer PL-12D turntable uses a four-pole synchronous motor to give listeners an authentic playback experience. This inclusion provides a stable speed while ensuring exemplary sound quality. A zinc alloy plate is on top to further improve the stability. Probably the best feature of the Pioneer PL-12D turntable is the non-slip stylus tracking. The stylus stays in the center of the record groove in accordance with the spring-activated design created for this particular model. The result is better channel separation when you have everything hooked up to a stereo system when playing vinyl.


Motor - Four-pole synchronous motor

Drive - The design of the turntable with a belt drive

Speeds - 33 and 45 rpm

Speed accuracy - 1% or less

Wow and Flutter - 0.1% WRMS

Volume - 47 decibels

Length - 221mm

Arm - S-shaped arm with anti-skip technology

Plate - Standard plate with a diameter of 30 cm made of aluminum alloy

Dimensions - 430 x 160.5 x 349 mm

Weight - 7.5 kg

The cover of the turntable has been renovated, it looks like new. Not cracked anywhere. Attached RELOOP OM BLACK cartridge (Ortofon). The photos show the actual condition.

Pioneer turntable

Pioneer PL-12D

Pioneer PL

Vintage Pioneer PL-12D turntable

Pioneer PL-12D after renovation

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