About us:

For many years, our passion has been vintage equipment, listening to reviewing records or looking for something new from that era. Collecting improved receivers, turntables, speakers and cassette players is only part of our passion. The message that comes out of the speakers is more than just music for us. The vintage area is so huge that it is impossible to find "that something" quickly. That's why we test and can use our experience when using the audio system.

Music for our life, despite the interest that is available on our site, we can also turn your equipment into playback, or give it a second life and add a few things to turn it on even better! We also close the woodwork thanks to restoring the old ones, which cover turntables or receivers.

Some of us also have a passion for musical instruments, such as acoustic pianos - also from that era.

Vintage-era audio is starting to replace the digital amplifier. People appreciate the craftsmanship of this equipment. Its performance, color or backlighting give a nice atmosphere to evening meetings with a glass of whiskey.

Our vision is a place where both total novices and hardcore audiophiles are welcome. We want to share our love and knowledge of vintage viewing audio - no snobbery! The vintage sound is fun, special and exciting and we promise your purchases will reflect that.

Regards - RetroHiFi team