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Vintage Kenwood KR-6400 amplifier - after service

2,990.00 zł

Vintage Kenwood KR-6400 amplifier - after full service. Great mid-range vintage style amplifier from the 70s.... There are others with higher power, but this one will keep up with many of them.... Don't be fooled by the 45W RMS power, it easily gives more than the rated power.... This

is our opinion and will surprise most, if not all.


    Receiver Vintage Sansui 9090DB receiver - Fully serviced

    19,500.00 zł

    The Vintage Sansui 9090DB receiver is a beautiful and powerful model of this brand - output power: 125 watts per channel at 8 Ω. It is an "export" model with the possibility of 4 different input voltages (100/120/220/240V). It was the 1966th unit from the assembly line No. 81 in March 1977 (by serial number).